I Think I Have To Bet On Connor McGregor After This Photo

Realistically I probably would’ve ended up sprinkling some cheddar on McGregor but after this tweet I think it’s now my duty to lay some coin on the guy. Just look at that tweet. It exuberates confidence. Connor McGregor is already a pretty scary dude but once he starts calling himself a “filthy Irish animal” you better begin to get worried. Floyd rightfully deserves to be a heavy favourite but if he didn’t get a little cold sweat looking at this tweet, then he is in fact a robot.

And then you have the painted mural of McGregor knocking out Mayweather. A move so cocky, you know Floyd is kicking himself for not coming up with it. Nothing says “I’m rich as fuck” like having a painted portrait of you knocking out your future opponent. Obviously if McGregor loses this fight, this photo will come back to haunt him but like I said in my original blog, McGregor really has nothing to lose. Because at the end of the day, no one expects him to win but he’ll still be collecting a nice paycheck of over $100 Million.

Not too bad for a “filthy Irish animal”.


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