Lowry FA Rumors & Kristaps Porzingis Trade Talks. It’s The 2017 NBA Offseason!

There’s been rumors going around the twitterverse that Raptors Point Guard Kyle Lowry has no intention of coming back to Toronto. A statement which has caught a lot of Raptors’ fans’ off-guard. Many of us knew there was a possibility of Lowry not coming back, but to hear “zero interest” is a pretty shocking sediment. Even the biggest Lowry hater had to have thought there was a 40% chance he returns to the Raps.

In his years here in Toronto, Lowry has become a fan favourite and seems to have really fallen in love with the city. Sure, there’s been some rough patches, continuously flaming out in the playoffs being the biggest of them, but all-in-all two straight loses to the Cavs really isn’t that bad of a result. The issue I think people like myself had with Lowry, is that we’ve seen his ceiling. We know how far him and DeRozan can take a team and it’s not enough. Maybe 4 years ago when Toronto fans had forgotten what winning felt like, a playoff birth was good enough to quench the fans thirst but after 4 straight playoff appearances and no REAL improvement the fans are clamoring for more.

Kyle has come out and stated that these rumors were in fact just that, tweeting out:


This should’ve quelled all murmurs but anybody whose followed sports for long enough knows that this means nothing. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. That’s not to say Lowry has a 100% will to leave the Raptors, but I think there is some truth to this rumor. The issue for Lowry though, is that whose going to take him? The 76ers are going to take Fultz, the Lakers most likely are taking Ball, which pretty much destroys the two biggest possible landing spots for Lowry. Unless the Raptors are able to sign and trade him, I just can’t picture a real contender taking Lowry, especially not for the money he’ll be asking for.

I could see Lowry’s FA’s period playing out a lot like Edwin Encarnacion’s and Jose Bautista, in that, at first it might’ve seemed like he was a hot commodity but as time goes on, he’ll realize that just isn’t so. Lowry is now over the age of 31 and everyone who watches basketball knows it’s a young man’s game.

And maybe Lowry knows this, if these comments from Masai Ujiri are a sign of anything.

KL2 So now we’re stuck with a lot of he-said-she-said and because of that, it’s hard to come to a rationale conclusion to how this all ends. I can’t picture Lowry getting max money anywhere and unless he’s willing to take a pay cut, the Raptors seem like the best fit for him still. The only issue with that, is that the Raptors have thrown their hat into the ring of the 1000 teams that want Paul George, even though I’d rather see the Raptors trade JV and then sign Blake Griffin, but what do I know. Until then, I guess we just need to wait for the NBA dominoes to fall.

At least we’re in a better position then the Knicks who seems to be actively trying to shop Kristaps Prozingis:


I have zero clue to why Phil is trying to get rid of possibly his best ever draft pick seeing as besides Porzingis, his stint with the Knicks has been an absolute cluster-fuck. The only light that Knicks have had for the last few years is Porzingis and now they’re trying to trade him.

Things have supposedly gotten so bad between the two parties, that they haven’t spoken since Kristaps skipped out on the closing meetings.


To Prozingis’ credit, I don’t know why he needs to go to an exit meeting or why the dumpster fire that is the New York Knicks even need to have an exit meeting but seeing a team in this much disarray does make me happy. Your usually hard pressed to find a team outside of Cleveland more fucked up then a Toronto team, but here we are.

To make matters worse for Knicks fans’, Porzingis’ brother has said that Kristaps has every intention of playing out his contract with the Knicks


So it seems that the Knicks went to the Chicago Bears style of managing and have begun trading against themselves lowering the price every time they leak some news in regards to KP. I would also be willing for the Raptors to find a way to flip JV or Carrol for Porzingis but I don’t know what the odds of us getting him are.

NBA draft is this Thursday and things are definitely looking to heat up.


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