NASA Just Discovered 10 New Possible Earths

And people wondered why Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement. He was clearly banking on the nerds at NASA to find us a new home-world and they did just that. Except, instead of finding us just one new home-world, they went ahead and found us TEN! Talk about going the going extra mile.

Trump is already salivating at the idea of opening up a golf course and resort on each of these planets. JFK might’ve been the president responsible for sending a man to the moon. But Trump is going to be the first president to open up a Mar-A-Lago in space. This just once again shows how Trump is playing chess, while the rest of the world leaders are playing checkers.

Who cares about 1 planet when you can control 10. That’s small potato thinking on their part and Trump will have none of it. While countries are trying to reduce their carbon footprint, Trump is trying to up America’s, as he prepares to send them where no man has gone before.

This also helps to explain his fixation with coal. 1) I’m no scientist but I’m pretty sure you need coal to launch a spaceship or at least for inter-planetary travel. 2) He’s preparing Americans for the work they’ll be doing on these new planets. Everybody knows that when you colonize a new planet you begin by harvesting all it’s natural resources. That’s alien invasion 101 type of stuff. So by sending all these people into the coal mines, Trump is help preparing them for their future jobs as space miners. Trump might not be able to bring back jobs to America but no one said he couldn’t create jobs for the whole frickin’ galaxy.

This really quells all those complaints about Trump not worrying about future generations. I wouldn’t care about future generations either when I was planning out America’s next millennia




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