So… Kevin Durant Likes To Be Farted On, Eh

So this all started off with the tweet featured above and ended up with accusations of Kevin Durant enjoying a nice fart to the face.


This led to a pretty standard response by KD:


At this point in time, I have to agree with KD. You guys were talking basketball and then you hit him with an allegation that he likes to have girls fart in his face. A pretty weird accusation and pretty childish, if we’re being honest. But then the plot thickened.

f3 If you cant trust the word of some random “hoe” that Kevin Durant reportedly screwed during his time in OKC, then who can you trust?

Even still, at this point most people would probably take KD’s word over @Mynameis_kaylee but then he responded. And in that response he gave us the answer to the question we never thought we’d find ourselves asking, “does Kevin Durant like getting farted in the face?”


And the answer is… Yes, yes he does.

Had Kevin gone with pretty much any other answer, there’s a chance he makes it out of #FartGate alive, but then he goes and screws it all up by saying “what’s her name”.  A guy whose never had a girl fart in his face isn’t asking for names, realistically, he’s probably not answering such libel. But a guy who has girls’ fart in his face is answering this 10 times out of 10. Why else would KD be on the defensive? You don’t ask for a name, unless multiple people have farted in your face because if it was a one off, you know exactly who squealed. But the second you ask for a name, you’re pretty much admitting to at least a second shooter, maybe more.

And look, I’m not here to sex-shame anyone. Whatever floats your boat KD, it’s 2016 after all. But maybe if you don’t want the whole world to know you like having girls fart in your face, you go with a better defense, or do what every other star does and not answer random peoples’ tweets.

So there you have it folks,,, newly crowned NBA champ Kevin Durant, likes to have girls fart in his face. How many titles will it take for people to stop making fun of Durant, in the eyes of this esteemed journalist, the number is 3.

Credit where credits due, Durant did drop this fire tweet after people told him he should maybe stay quiet.


“Fall back” might be the comeback of the summer.


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