Auston Matthews Won The Calder Trophy Last Night

Like there was ever a doubt! Matthews led all rookies with 40 goals and was second in points with 69 (nice). Matthews also set/met a few Leaf milestones during his rookie year. He broke Wendell Clark’s rookie goal record of 34 and was the first Leaf to score 40 goals since Mats Sundin did it back in ’01-’02 (holy fuck that’s sad).

Not to mention, being the star player of the biggest franchise in hockey almost all but guaranteed Matthews the Calder Trophy. At this point, the hockey world is looking to give the Leafs absolutely anything, which shows how sad we’ve become but that’s all changed thanks to our lord and savior Auston Matthews.

The Calder Trophy is a nice way to cap Matthew’s record season, along with all his individual marks, he also led the Leafs to their first playoff appearance in a non lockout shortened season since 2004. And something tells me Matthews and the rest of the Leafs are just waiting for next season to start, so they can really make a playoff run. After losing every game to the Capitals by 1 goal, the Leafs know they can play when the lights’ shine brightest.

Oh and the last Leafs rookie to win the Calder? Brit Selby in 1962, the next season the Leafs won their last Stanley Cup… I’m not saying this means we’re winning the cup next year but I’m not, not saying that.


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