Prince Harry Says No One In The Royal Family Wants To Be King or Queen

Oh boohoo, no one in the Royal Family wants the responsibility that comes with the title of King or Queen, some real heartbreaking stuff right here. I can’t imagine the pressure that comes with such a ceremonial title. We’ve all seen the hours the Queen puts in, looking out a window, riding around in a buggy and the hardest job of all, waving to all the plebs that still think highly of her. This job is so difficult that title-cucked Prince Phillip had to retire from social outings all together.

The galls on the members of the Royal Family to say that they don’t want to accept this position as if it hasn’t helped their lives immensely. Harry alone has a net-worth of 20 million, so unless the British military is giving their soldiers million dollar bonuses, I’m going to say that he came into that money from being the grandchild of the Queen.

And here’s the thing, I HATE the title of King and Queen. It’s an absolute joke, in a world that’s so quick to chastise politicians, the British Monarchy has somehow been able to skate under the radar. These are people that do absolutely nothing and yet, still get money from the British people along with the commonwealth. Say what you want about people on welfare but at least they just suckle the tit of one country.

So I don’t care if no one wants the job, someone is going to have to step up to the plate and take it whether they like it or not. The Royal Family wants to be more like the common man? Well there’s nothing more common then working at a job you absolutely hate.

P.S. This has to be the first time that someone who wore a Nazi uniform didn’t want absolute power.


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