Raptors Screw The Pooch Again And I Am Mad Online!

God fucking dammit. With the 23rd pick in this years draft, the Toronto Raptors selected Forward OG Anunoby out of Indiana and I could not hate this pick more. As I said yesterday, I wanted the Raptors to take Purdue big man Caleb Swanigan and instead, they took a kid who plays for a school in the same goddamn state.

Look, OG Anunoby could turn out to be a fine player but I just can’t wrap my head around this pick. OG only played in 16 games last season averaging 4.4 rebounds and 11.1 points per game. His season was cut short due to a knee injury. Swanigan on the other hand, played in all 35 of Purdue’s games last year, averaging 12.5 rebounds and 18.5 points, nearly doubling OG’s totals. Not to mention, these guys played in the same conference and Swanigan dominated the Hoosiers, the Hoosiers didn’t even make March Madness, meanwhile, Swanigan was leading his team to a Big 10 championship and Sweet 16 appearance .

People have been comparing OG to P.J. Tucker as if it’s some sort of good thing. Do you know who originally drafted Tucker? The motherfucking Raptors, in the second round of the 2006 draft. People seem to forget that Tucker absolutely flamed out, ending up in Europe by 2007. He didn’t return to the NBA until 2012, so congrats Raps, you drafted a more injury prone version of a guy you already drafted over a decade ago, FFS.

At least if OG doesn’t pan out, he has a dope ass name. The ACC better bump ‘U Guessed It’ every time this British son of a bitch gets a basket.

On the plus side, at least we’re not the Bulls…


As for Swanigan, he went 3 picks later to the Blazers.



can’t wait to by a retro Blazers Swanigan jersey.


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