People Are Mad At John McEnroe For Stating A Fact.

So for some reason this seems to be the story du jour. John McEnroe said that if Serena Williams was a male tennis player that she’d be ranked 700th. And in classic internet fashion everyone lost their collective shit. You had people calling him sexist, people saying that McEnroe knows nothing about Tennis, most of these people being people who never played professional tennis. But who cares about that when you can call McEnroe a misogynist instead of looking at the facts.

mad1mad 2

While Brittany Packnett has a point, John McEnroe physically couldn’t do anything pregnant, he wasn’t wrong in saying that Serena would be ranked 700th. Here’s the thing, McEnroe never once tried to discredit her, he was just stating a fact. No one is going to argue that she’s not the greatest female tennis player of all-time but that doesn’t mean shit when she’s playing a man.

Serena Williams can serve a ball at 128 mph, meanwhile Canadian tennis player Milos Raonic, who ranks 7th in the world can serve a ball at 155 mph. That’s almost 30 miles faster and Raonic has never even won a major, yet if you put him against Serena he’d ace her every time. And if you don’t think this, then you clearly have difficulty grasping how speed and the human body works. Then there’s the fact that Serena has already played a man. In 1998 when Serena was 16 years old she played against Karsten Braasch who at the time was 17 years older then Serena and was ranked 203rd. The result of said match? Serena lost 6-1 while her sister Venus lost 6-2.

Granted, Serena wasn’t at her peak at this point but Braasch never had a peak. This is a guy whose training regiment was described as having a pack of smokes and a couple cold beers. Sooooo no Roger Federer.

But Serena would not stay quiet on the matter tweeting out:


It’s nice to see that Serena Williams attended the LeBron James school of defending yourself. You wanna talk trash about Serena? Well not while she’s pregnant, have some class John! And I will concede Serena never has played anyone ranked 700th, she just got her shit kicked by a guy ranked 203rd.

Also, Serena has gone on the record of saying that she couldn’t beat Andy Murray so I don’t know what all the fuss is about.



Honestly though, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that this is all some giant publicity stunt. McEnroe is promoting his latest book and what were probably in line for is a Serena Vs. McEnroe match for charity, stay woke, folks,,,.

I really hope the latter is true.

Could be a big year for dream matches.

We got McGregor Vs. Mayweather

Phelps Vs. A great white

and hopefully

Jordan Vs. Ball

McEnroe Vs. Williams


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