Toronto’s Trump Tower To Be Renamed As Idiots Around The World Celebrate


Big hit to the Trump #brand, as the tower in Toronto that bares his name, will soon be renamed. It will be interesting to see how the now President of the United States reacts to such a slight. Sure, he might be the most powerful man on the planet but what does that matter if you can’t even keep your name on a tower. Never once during Obama’s tenure as President was his name removed from a tower, yet 150+ days into Trump’s presidency and his neighbours to the north are already trying to take away everything he has. Sad!

Like Donald Sterling, this just shows that racists have no business being in public positions and to ensure this, JCF paid $298 million dollars to acquire the building and rename it. Because if there’s one thing that shuts up racists, it’s handing them nearly $300 million. So congrats Liberals, instead of letting Trump Tower crumble under it’s own free will and having Trump front the bill. A scenario that was very real,


You instead gave the man you hate a $300 million dollar golden parachute.

Showing once again, that Trump is playing chess, while we’re playing checkers.

P.S. It’s wild that people use to go to Trump towers just because it had his name on it, how stupid do you have to be to rent a room at a place just because you like watching the Apprentice.

P.P.S. Can’t wait for the alt right to boycott this place. Gonna be sad losing out on all that Nazi money


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