An Official Got Impaled By A Javelin At A Qualifying Trial For The Canada Summer Games

When I first saw this headline, I thought one of the participants got impaled and I was going to say that it serves them right for taking up such a stupid sport but then I saw it was an official and the questioned popped into my head, “how shitty does your life have to be that you end up as a javelin official”?

Any person who takes up these obscure Olympic sports is destined for a friendless childhood where everyone thinks you’re a weirdo but to be an official? That’s some serial killer shit. Who willingly wants to watch a bunch of leash-children throw spears for a living? It’s not like it’s even an illustrious officiating job. I can understand becoming a ref for the NFL, NHL and NBA, those pay well and at least you have all the power in the world. But no one cares about a javelin official. If anything, you deserve to get impaled by a javelin. No one likes refs, so if you want to officiate a sport that involves throwing a spear as far as humanly possible, then you know the risk you’re taking. And this impaling should serve as your career wake up call. Because literally anything is a better and is a less shameful profession.

Not to add insult to injury but it’s bad enough being a javelin official but to be one at a trial event for the Canadian Summer Games? Yeesh. Guess you gotta start somewhere.

P.S. I hope this official was a native of Manitoba. Wouldn’t wish for my own worst enemy to spend more then the allotted time in that shit-hole of a province.


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