FIFA Didn’t Follow Concussion Protocol At The Last World Cup, And I For One Am Shocked!

My lord! You’re telling me the organization that has turned a blind eye to slave labour  didn’t follow it’s own concussion protocol? Well colour me shocked!

I wasn’t aware that concussions were an issue in soccer but here we are. I guess diving is a leading cause of CTE.

I like to think that this is Canada’s way of exacting revenge for never making the World Cup. We know our men’s team probably won’t make the World Cup anytime soon, so instead we try to punish FIFA for not following their own concussion protocol as if anyone actually cares. We got Russia legalizing hooliganism, all the while militarizing their hooligans  for the 2018 World Cup in Russia but hey, let’s worry about that one soccer player who got a concussion.


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