Phil Jackson Has Been Fired By The New York Knickerbockers

Well it’s about goddamn time. The most overrated person in basketball history has officially been canned. I don’t know what took so long for the Knicks to fire Phil, but I’ll assume it was because James Dolan was too focused on releasing his album. Phil Jackson has tried his best to get fired pretty much since the day he was hired. He installed an offense that hasn’t worked in over a decade. He was almost never in New York, choosing to spend most his time in his Montana Cabin AND drafted Kristaps Porzingis in a last ditch effort to get fired, only to have him actually pan out, causing Phil to try and trade him before this years draft.

Luckily for Phil, he won’t be leaving empty handed as Darren Rovell notes:

Phil 2

Not to bad for a guy who just fucked the dog all day.

In classic Knick fashion, they haven’t stopped to take time to think about who they are going to go after next and have already started firing off names that they’re interested in. Including Raps team President Masai Ujiri.


I hope the Knicks get Masai, I think Masai’s tenure in Toronto has been over-hyped completely. The guy sucks at drafting and besides a few lucky trades, I don’t really think he’s done much. And if the Knicks take him off our hands, I think it would hurt them more then it would hurt us. He’d just continue to draft a bunch of foreign guys only instead of having a playoff team to fall back on, he has the Knicks. So please James, take Masai, cause I can’t deal with him anymore…. Mainly because I want the Raptors to hire Sam Hinkie so we can start a #Process of our own.

I would now like to take this time to trash the legacy of Phil Jackson. For some reason everyone thinks he’s some sort of basketball guru, yet all his championships came off the backs of arguably some of the greatest teams ever assembled. There were the 90’s Bulls and then there were the early 2000 Lakers. If you gave those teams to literally anyone, they probably win the same amount of championships.

Fuck Phil Jackson, possibly the most overrated person in sports.

P.S. Genie Buss is definitely winning the breakup ATM


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