The Los Angeles Clippers Have Traded Chris Paul To The Houston Rockets


Live look at NBA off-season


If there’s one thing the NBA is great at, it’s giving us some of the most wild off-season transactions. Just hours after the Knicks decided to part ways with Phil Jackson, the Rockets announced that they have acquired PG Chris Paul from the LA Clippers in return for PG Patrick Beverly, ex-Raptor SG Lou Williams, F Sam Decker and a first round pick (1-3 protected). Now, with any Chris Paul trade, we should wait until it gets passed the commissioner’s desk, seeing as the last time a team tried to trade CP3, it was vetoed and that’s how he ended up on the Clippers in the first place.

My gut reaction to this trade is that the Clippers won it by a mile. The Clippers’ know their ceiling. They knew they couldn’t beat teams like the Spurs or Warriors and with Blake Griffin opting-out of his contract, it was the perfect time for them to clean house. There’s a well this little tidbit of information:

clip This gives new team President and current NBA logo, Jerry West tons of options for next year’s off-season, all the while tanking this season to try and get a lottery pick. The Clippers as well knew that although CP3 had opted-in to his contract, that he was only going to be there for one more year before the Banana Boat Crew gets together in Lakerland.

Also, did anyone ever notice that the acronym for the Banana Boat Crew is BBC? I’m onto you LeBron. But I digress…

As for Houston…. well…. have fun having two players that really, really, really, love to handle the ball on the same team. I don’t care if both players wanted to play together as Basketball Jesus Woj pointed out.


By the time we hit mid-season both these guys are going to be at each other’s necks or whatever Paul thinks is Harden’s neck. There are as well reports that Houston isn’t done here and that they are actively perusing soon to be newest member of the Banana Boat Crew, Paul George, as if that’s going to fix their playoff problems. Look, just because you put 3 Guy Fieri’s in a Burger King kitchen doesn’t change the fact that the fry recipe sucks and that’s the case here in Houston. Mike D’Antoni is not a good coach and we’ve seen him fail time after time with promising teams. Whether it be the Suns or the Lakers, D’Antoni just can’t win in the post-season because the play-style he runs is offense first and if you have time, play a little D. While that might work in the regular season, it sure as hell doesn’t translate to the postseason when you’re playing teams like the Warriors and the Spurs. Not to mention the fact that the Rockets just traded half their roster for a one year window. I realize the NBA is a ‘win now’ league but like I said, this team isn’t going to win anything. At best, they lose out in the WCF.

So now the question looms, where does the Banana Boat Crew take up residence next year. For those of you who don’t know who the Banana Boat Crew is, it’s LeBron James, Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade and Melo as pictured here riding a banana boat and enjoying a nice glass of Merlot.


At first everyone believed the Banana Boat Crew would be going to the Lakers but as I pointed out, the Clips now have a lot of cap space, so this could become a battle between two basketball minds in Jerry West who created the juggernaut Warriors and Magic Johnson, a guy who tweets stuff like this:


Gonna be a real clash of the titans if you ask me.

So here are your possible starting Lineups for either the Lakers or Clippers.

You’re Starting 2018 Los Angeles Lakers

PG-Chris Paul

SG-Lonzo Ball


PF-Paul George

C-LeBron James

6th man-Dwayne Wade

Coach-Luke Walton



You’re starting 2018 Los Angeles Clippers

PG-Chris Paul

SG-Dwayne Wade


PF-Paul George

C/Player Coach LeBron James

Mandatory Coach who doesn’t coach- Jerry Stackhouse

GM-Chauncey Billups

President-Jerry West

Assistant Coach-Chris Bosh (give the guy a shot, all he wants to do is be apart of a team)

Obviously for the Clippers plan to work, they’d have to part ways with Doc Rivers but I don’t think that’s going to be a problem after he consistently gave his son (who sucks at basketball) legitimate playing time. My dad might’ve gotten me an in as a summer student at his company but I can promise you he would never let me see the court if he were coach.


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