Blue Jays Bring Back Michael Saunders

Well look whose back to help rejuvenate the struggling Blue Jays. Captain Canada himself and just 3 days before Canada Day, no less. I think I was in the minority of people who were angry when the Jays didn’t even attempt to bring Saunders back. I realize he isn’t the greatest fielder out there but he was still coming off a career year at the plate. Not to mention, it’s not like the cavalcade of ineptitude we’ve been trotting out in left has been any better then what Saunders’ did last year.

I genuinely think this is a great pickup by the Jays. Saunders’ isn’t having a great year so far. During his stint with the Phillies, he only had a .206 AVG but on the plus side he does have 6 homers, which isn’t horrible, seeing as his last season on the Mariners before coming over to Toronto he only had 8.

Saunders will start off in Triple-A Buffalo, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see his name get called up sooner then later. The Jays need some sort of spark and maybe Saunders is the guy to do just that.

And if we’re getting the old band back together, how about we pick up Dioner Navarro. He might’ve only had a .182 average for the few games that he played for us during the season, but he had some clutch hits for us down the stretch and in the postseason. And if we don’t wanna get him, the Cub’s DFA’d Miguel Monterro for breaking some unwritten rule of baseball and he’d be a great backup to Russell.


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