So… Jim Irsay Tweeted Out A Photo of A Naked Chick Last Night

I realize it’s 2016 and #freethenipple is all the rage but something tells me Irsay wasn’t tweeting out a naked lady in the name of feminism. What we clearly have here is a case of Irsay having a few too many drinks and a handful of Xanax. It could happen to the best of us, maybe you’re looking for a relaxing night, might shoot off a couple emotional texts or in Irsay’s case, post a photo of a woman who is baring all. To each’s own.

Jim Irsay is so fucking lucky he had Peyton Manning and two Andrew Luck playoff appearances or he’d be the NFL’s James Dolan. The guy tries to act like Jerry Jones but instead of being the Jones of the ’90s, he’s replicating the Jones’ of the 2000’s. The guy just can’t keep his name out of the news and refuses to stop taking xans & percs. Shiiiiiit, Jim Irsay lives a more rapper life then Future. Future talks about drugs, Jim Irsay has a drug cocktail for breakfast. I’m just waiting for Irsay to either get arrested or have a photo of him taken where he’s got a double cup full of lean.

Luckily for Irsay, he had the perfect defense to fall back on.

irsay 2

L-O-V-E IT. Doesn’t even take the time to put out a new “I was hacked” tweet. He just goes back to his last one and tags it. It’s a pretty smart move, Irsay knows there’s a better chance of him fucking up then not, so why not just have this tweet to fall back on every time he’s mixin’ meds & alcohol.

Thug Life

I 3


H/T @TheClemReport for PG-ing the photo


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