Timothy Richard Tebow III Went Yard In His First Single-A At Bat



Live look at me after watching the Messiah go yard at his first at bat


The haters and losers said that this was just a publicity stunt but as the centurion remarked in Matthew 27:54 “Truly this was the son of god”. No matter how many times people try to tell Tebow that he’ll never be a professional baseball player, he goes up to the plate and sends one into the moon heavens. Is this divine interaction? I don’t know, every time I try to talk to god I get no answer. But I’d rather have a player with average talent and divine intervention then a player with great mechanics but is an atheist.

And the parables don’t end there. Was it not Jesus who said ‘Let he without sin, throw the first fastball’. This is why Tebow has such an advantage, he’s playing against some of the biggest sinners in sports. It is literally in the 10 commandments that thou shall not cheat and yet the majority of minor leaguer’s are juicing up like a fat kid on snack break. So of course Tebow is going to yard off these guys. And while some have been quick to point out Tebow’s low batting average, but was it not Jesus himself, who went and stayed with the poor, washing their feet. Nothing wrong with associating yourself with those of lesser abilities

Analytics ain’t got shit on the second coming of Jesus of Nazareth.



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