Lou Will Better Check Himself

You can call me a lot of names, stupid, retarded, ugly, he who looks like horse, but I will not sit here and be called a NERD by a guy who only started one game last season. In my humble opinion, I don’t think guys who started only one game more then me, should be given the opportunity to express their opinions. Steph Curry wants to take a shot at me? Fine. But Lou Will? A guy who is more famous for being in a Drake song then actually playing basketball. Not on my watch.

I will give Lou this, there are a lot of nerds in the world of covering sports. Why does every journalist have to be from Northwestern and have a degree in journalism, why can’t more journalists be like me and have a B.A. from Laurier. It’s elitism if you ask me.

That all being said, Lou still needs to check himself. You know why people like me need to cover sports and why athletes aren’t? Because athletes are either rich or illiterate, and if I were rich I wouldn’t be writing this pointless blog right now and if I were illiterate… well, actually, spelling isn’t really my forte.



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