The Raptors Resigned Kyle Lowry & Serge Ibaka Over The Long Weekend As Masai’s ‘Culture Change’ Takes It’s Final Form

Do you remember after the Raptors got bounced out of the playoffs in four to the Cavs that Masai was adamant that the team needed a culture change? I guess culture change means something different in Nigerian because if you asked me, nothing has FUCKING CHANGED! Dwayne Casey is still at the helm and perennial playoff Houdini Kyle Lowry was just brought back for 3 years at the nice price of $100 million. Why did the Raptors give Lowry, a PG whose over 30 such an insane amount of money? I have no clue, but I assume it’s because the Raptors are trying to stay in NBA limbo.

I have no real qualms with bringing back Serge but I’d rather see the team blow it up, then trot out the same gang of losers as last year. I mean, can someone please tell me what our end goal here is? It’s quite obvious we’re not winning it all any time soon, so this just seems to be prolonging the inevitable, which is the Raptors getting bounced out of the playoffs in the first or second round. As the internet laughs at our stupid faces.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed our few years of success but I’d rather have the feeling that were on the cusp of something then being a consistent 3-7 seed. And it’s not like the Raps can trade these guys away for some picks, not with the cash they’re doling out. You’d be hard pressed to find a team who will be willing to give Lowry that kind of money in two years time but hey, at least we can keep using the #WeTheNorth hashtag a little longer.

In other NBA news, the Thunder acquired bell of the 2017 FA ball Paul George. I don’t really understand the strategy there as Russell Westbrook hates playing with other guys. If it were up to Russell, he’d be the only guy on the court, or maybe have one other guy out there so he can get some assists. I guess it’s not like George cares as he’ll be chilling in LA with LeBron and crew come this time next year.


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