Gordon Hayward Officially Signs With The Celtics

The Butler Boys are getting back together!


After a whirlwind of rumours and reports, we can now officially declare Gordon Hayward the newest member of the Boston Celtics and rumour has it, he’s already every Celtics’ fan favourite player.

The Gordon Hayward Free Agency sweepstakes had the allure of the DeAndre Jordan FA sweepstakes but with the pzazz that you’d expect to come out of the state of Utah.

It all started after reports broke Tuesday afternoon that Hayward had signed with the CelticsGH1GH2

But then, as if M Night Shamalan was directing NBA free agency, tweets began to arise stating the contrary. That Hayward had yet to decide where exactly he wanted to sign with.


This created NBA chaos as no one could figure out where in the hell Gordon Hayward was heading and even had yours truly sending out tin-hat conspiracy theories to my buddies that involved Hayward going to the Heat.


Was a pretty fool proof conspiracy if you asked me, but clearly it was for not, as Hayward would announce via The Players Tribune that he intended to take his talents to the state of Massachusetts.


What I think happened that caused all this confusion, was that someone close to Gordon’s camp, let it slip that he intended on signing with the Celtics before he could tell the Jazz. This caused everyone to backtrack, until Gordon could announce his decision, his way.

And while you’d think after all this craziness, journalists would just be happy to finally know where Hayward was going so that they could start their articles, this was not the case for everyone.

mad online

Come on Gordon! Have some respect. Without Journalists who’d write 2000 word articles about your decision to go somewhere. Not to mention, you didn’t even attend journalism school, so how would you know how to explain your story. Classless if you ask me.

I do find it absolutely hilarious that people are OK with athletes announcing their decision via The Players Tribune but absolutely castrate LeBron for the decision. Yes he took up an hour long time slot to announce where he was going but it’s not like there were any good sports on at that exact moment. And I think writing a 2000 word essay about how you love a city but you’re still going to leave it, is just as cocky and as dick of a move as doing it on your own TV special. Also, Gordon, no need to lie, no one is sad to leave the state of Utah. I realize you spent most your life in Indiana, which isn’t really that much more exiting but any time you get to leave a place inhabited by Mormons is a good thing.

There was as well a racist tweet that came out and it came from none other then the take master himself, Skip Bayless.


Oh, so because Hayward is white you expect all Boston fans to expect him to be the next Bird. Pretty racist if you ask me. Why couldn’t Gordon be the next Jordan? Why does only LeBron get compared to Jordan, while every white guy get’s compared to Bird. It has never been harder for a white male to try and achieve peak athletic success. Sad!

As for the signing itself. This does nothing. Absolutely nothing. There’s a reason I spent more time talking about the chaos of the signing rather then the signing itself. Oh Gordon Hayward is the guy whose going to knock LeBron out of the playoffs? LeBron, a man whose now been to 7 straight NBA finals, while Gordon Hayward has played in 15 postseason games. Take that in for a second. LeBron James has played more games in the NBA finals, then Hayward has in the playoffs, that’s absolutely ridiculous. AND Hayward just made his first All-Star appearance. I don’t deny that Hayward is a good player and heck, he might even help the Celtics secure that number 1 spot again and maybe, just maybe, he’ll even help them win a second game. But if you for one think this signing is going to propel the Celtics over the King? Then you need to brush up on your Irish history.







2 thoughts on “Gordon Hayward Officially Signs With The Celtics

  1. Just discovered your blog and I’m really enjoying it, dude. You have a fun writing style. I’ll definitely stick around I just looked around for a second and the Lou Williams post made me laugh. Reminds me of when I used to desire becoming a sportswriter years ago before I lost almost every ounce of passion for it. (Always hated proofreading. I’m lazy as hell when it comes to that and editing. I’d rather just induce some word vomit on the screen and let it be.)

    I know Hayward’s signing with the Celtics won’t change anything when competing with LeBron, and even if something happened and they defeated the Cavs, they’d get stomped by the Warriors or whoever else that would magically come out of the West, but it’s hysterical that Jazz fans are so butthurt about it.

    People cry all the time about athletes chasing money, but this guy takes less for at least a better chance to contend. The majority of sports fans drive me nuts with their “homerism”. This guy fulfilled his contract with the Jazz and had the freedom of mobility to go anywhere else… and he did. Nobody would bash a ‘regular’ person for leaving their employer for a better one, so why do it with athletes?

    The older I get, the less I care about sports’ players going wherever they want or what happens in those scenarios. I still love sports, but it’s just laughable to me. I love the chaos and insanity of it all. It’s interesting.

    Oh, and yeah, Skip is always going to be a troll. That’s how he’s made his millions. I know you can’t be too surprised with his antics leading him to write that tweet!


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