Patbrick Patterson Signs With The Thunder

Oh No! Whatever will we do? It’s going to be hard for the Raptors to lose a guy who shoots about 15 bricks in a playoff game but I think they’ll be able to recuperate. I’ve never been the biggest P Pat guy. I realize he was one of the guys involved in the Rudy Gay trade that changed the Raps forever but that doesn’t mean I gotta love the guy.

I also have a hard time trusting a player who seems to love Toronto a little too much. Whenever a player embraces the city the way Patrick Patterson or Amir Johnson did, you know they’re shit. No one loves Toronto THAT much. Hell, Drake spends more time down south then he does here. If it weren’t for his pesky festival we’d probably see him once during his latest tour and whenever the Raptors make the playoffs. No disrespect to my home city but unless you’re a hockey player or Canadian athlete, there’s really no reason to LOVE this city. We’re just a smaller New York.

On the OKC front, Westbrook has to be conflicted. On one hand he’ll be able to get a triple-double quicker, rebounding all of Paterson’s bricks. But on the other hand, P Pat along with Paul George are gonna be taking away a lot of Westbrook shots. Brodie ain’t gonna be pleased going 25-15-11 every game.

H/T Travis Thompson & James Kelly for the Patbrick Paterson name.


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