The Warriors Just Signed Swaggy P & I Think I Have To Jump On The Bandwagon


swag 2Fuck.Yes!

Nick Young AKA Swaggy P just signed with the Warriors and I think I can honestly say, that I’ve never been this excited for someone to sign on a team that wasn’t my own. Just think about it, in a years time, Swaggy P will have more championships then Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone and John Stockton COMBINED! THAT’S INSANITY. Swaggy P is arguably one of the most enjoyable players in the NBA, he’s cocky, he’s a free shooter and he was once recorded by former teammate D’Angelo Russel talking about cheating on then fiance Iggy Azalea, if you can’t find joy in one those things, then you got a big dump in your pants.

Now, I once was a Golden State fan, well not fan, but liked playing as them in 2k. This was back when people hadn’t clued in on Splash Brothers LTD. I’d play against my roommates in first year as them, fall behind, only to drop a billion 3s in the second half and win the game. But then they got all cocky, chewing on mouth guards and such and my enjoyment for them became resentment. Am I sports hipster? Peut etre. But I also think it’s just not that fun cheering for a powerhouse, especially if it’s not even your team. And then when they got KD after winning 73 games, I thought they were the biggest pussies this side of the Nile. But with the acquisition of Swaggy P, I might have to reconsider all my hate towards the Warriors. Between the Splash Bros, Draymond’s affinity for hitting people in the dick, Javale McGee and Swaggy P, I might have to break my own personal sports protocol and declare the Warriors my second team. At least their signings bring me joy, unlike those of the Raptors.

I would also be lying if I didn’t say that I love the fact that Nick Young gave himself his own nickname that stuck. Do you know how hard that is to do? I’ve known two people who’ve been able to do that, I did it when I came up with McFultz and my other buddy has been getting away with McLovin for as long as I’ve known him but those are exceptions to the rule. Most would be lambasted for creating their own nickname but not Swaggy P.

So look out world, Swaggy P is on-track to become an NBA champion.

P.S. Looks like KD is excited for the Swaggy P show



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