Are Sex Robots Bad? Some Scientists, Say Yes.

Well it’s about goddamn time the lamestream media got on my wavelength. Literally my first blog on this site was about sex robots and how Elon Musk probably cranks it to the movie ‘Her‘. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, god made Adam & Eve, not Adam & HAL 9000. Sex robots could spell the end of humanity. If I learned anything from health class, it was that you needed a man & a woman to create a child (no offense).

In a recent poll that I made up, a large amount of men said that they’d fuck sex robots if they were A) more lifelike and B) if their friends wouldn’t make fun of them. Guys already jerk it to porn practically every day, imagine if you gave them a sex robot that knew what they wanted, like how FB has ads pop up for things you’re interested in. There’d be cum everywhere!

And if you thought just men would prefer sex robots, then you’re a big ole sexist because I guarantee women would find sex robots way more convenient then men would. It doesn’t take much for a guy to bust a nut, we’re simple creatures but if TV’s taught me anything, it’s practically impossible to please a woman. Pleasing a woman is like firing two proton torpedoes into the reactor core of the Death Star.

So while men and women are sexing up their robot friends, they’ll neglect sexing each other, forcing the end of the human race.

And who shall rise from our ashes?

Those same motherfucking (literally) robots.

So unless you want to see our world overrun by robots but instead of it happening in a ‘Terminator’ like style, it’s more of a sexual conquest. Write your local scientist telling him or her to stop making sex robots. Thank You.

P.S. I know what you’re all wondering, would I buy get a sex robot? ¬†Probably, sure, but those are just the breaks when you got a face that needs blurring out on you’re own site.



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