Congrats To Roberto Osuna For Being Named To His First All-Star Game

Oh baby, the Iceman himself is going to the All-Star game for his first ever appearance. Now, the haters and losers will point out that he was an injury addition but I’d argue that’s a more meaningful appearance then Jeter’s last 6 All-Star appearances. Plus, Osuna has been one of the best closers of the season with a 2.06 ERA and 22 saves including 3 straight saves to keep the Jays in the Wild Card Race. This also neglects the fact that Osuna missed a couple appearances due to mental issues.

In what has been a pretty disappointing season thus far Osuna has been one of the few bright-spots. Osuna will be joining other bright spot Justin Smoak, who is also making his first all-star appearance.

In other Osuna news, Carlos Correa came out of the woodwork announced his candidacy for baby back bitch of the year saying:

baby back

*Makes jerk off motion*

I won’t lie I didn’t watch last night’s game (sue me) but anyone whose watched baseball knows that Osuna is a high spirited guy and also every baseball player needs to shut the fuck up. I’m sick of unwritten rules, I’m sick of their constant bitching. You play arguably the most boring sport in North America, stop hating on folks for showing some fucking emotion, you loser.


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