I Don’t Think This Arson Loving Firefighter Should Have To Serve Time.

What’s the old saying? You do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Well, Lawson Schalm FUCKING loves fire! Heck, I wish I loved something as much as Mr. Schalm loves fire.

It’s not like he wasn’t being responsible, he just loved the rush of being called into fires and the last time I checked, it’s not illegal to love something. It’s not like he’s a member of NAMBLA. Lawson Schalm just wanted to set a few fires and then put them out. If there’s anyone that I ever wanted to be a serial arsonist, it would have to be a firefighter. At least they posses the ability to put it out. Just like if I was ever to be murdered, I’d want it to be a doctor cause they’d know how to do it quickly and hopefully, painlessly.

It’s the exact same reason why Dexter was such a good forensic specialist. If you’re murdering people yourself, you’re gonna know what to look for.

And I gotta give Lawson Schalm some credit, he knew how to light some beautiful fires. Just look at this bad boy

nice fire

That’s one of the prettiest fires these eyes have laid eyes on. This is Schalms’ Sistine Chapel, his piece de resistance and the government of Alberta wants to punish him for being artistic. I remember another government that tried to silence artists.


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