Masai Ujiri Announces He Wants To Be A Raptor For Life & I Have Found Myself Mad Online, Once Again.

*Extreme Captain Kirk voice*


It’s no secret around these parts that I am not a fan of Masai Ujiri. He’s sucked at drafting since coming to the Raps and he’s giving 31 year old PG Kyle Lowry 100 Fucking Million Dollars. Do you know who was going to give him that much? Fucking no one, well, except for Masai of course. This guy promised us a culture change and all we got was more of the same. Have I enjoyed being a competent team in the NBA? Sure but now we know we’ll never win a title, so we might as well blow it up and wait for the youngest Ball or the Greek Freaks’ little brother, either or would make me happy.

I do have to say that this is probably the first time ever I’ve been mad at someone for saying they wanted to be a lifer on one of my teams. While most guys want out of Toronto, Masai wants to stay but so would I if everyone thought my shit was gold. I don’t know how Masai convinced everyone he was a genius, even though his best move was swindling the Knicks, which is the sports equivalent of robbing a blind kid. I mean people still think Bruno Cobbaclo (?) is going to pan out. That guy has a better chance of getting the now defunct Zika than making an All-Star game.

Now for the 10th time, I have to say that the Raptors are stuck in NBA limbo and the sooner people figure this out the sooner they’ll be calling for Masai’s head. He’s not building a team the GS way and he’s not going the super team route. All he’s doing is insuring that he has a job for as long as possible and it makes me sick. Just because a guy says “fuck Brooklyn” doesn’t mean he can draft shit after shit and trot out teams that continue to disappear in the playoffs, including that exact fucking series.

So here we are, the exact same place we were last year. Bound to make the playoffs and even more likely to flame out.

Fuck #WeTheNorth I want #TheRedWedding.




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