The West Nile Virus Is Back Baby!

Don’t call it a comeback but West Nile is back and I for one am all aboard the hype train. Summer doesn’t officially begin in my books until we have a new disease to be scared of. Last year it was Zika, then there was Ebola, we had the Swine Flu one year and then their was the GOAT, SARS. The point is, it’s not summer till someone from the CDC is telling us that were a third world country away from dying.

I like the idea of us going retro with this year’s disease. I don’t think we need a new disease each year. Nothing wrong with a little throwback. It’s like when you hear an old song for the first time in a long time and remember how dope it is, that’s West Nile. We made some mosquito netting and voila no more West Nile, or so we thought. But just like Cheap Trick, this one hit wonder is here to stay.

If I could make a suggestion for next years disease scare, I’d like to nominate either mad cow disease or avian bird flu, both have great names and I think both are due for a comeback a’la West Nile.

Also, I don’t like to use the term West Nile as I find it to be very problematic as it connotates that people West of the Nile are disease ridden lepers.


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