Raptors Dump DeMarre Carroll & Acquire CJ Miles From The Pacers.


Well, well, well, quite the weekend for the recently self proclaimed Raptor for life. After resigning Lowry for arguably way more then they needed to and after convincing Serge Ibaka that Toronto was his future, the Raptors were looking to trot out more of the same, come next season. Despite a claim for a “culture change” from the man upstairs. This lack of a culture change had this writer, mad online. But then as Saturday began to turn into Sunday, news broke that the Raptors had traded human paperweight DeMarre Carroll to the Brooklyn Nets along with a first and a second in return for the extremely white Justin Hamilton and when I say extremely white, I mean EXTREMELY white.


Realistically Hamilton will never see time and will most likely be waived as this trade was done in order to free up cap space, something the Raptors desperately needed. Now, I will admit, when this trade was first announced I was pretty angry. Granted, I was pretty drunk but none-the-less, I was irate. In order to free up some cap space the Raps got rid of their first round pick I.E. their future. I tend to disagree with giving away picks in order to free up cap space when you’re a team more likely to be rebuilding in 3 years then hoisting the Larry O’Brian Trophy.

But as I was given time to digest the trade, I started to like it a little more. I’ve gone on record chastising Masai’s draft picks, so by taking a pick away from him might’ve been a classic case of addition by subtraction. This also gives the Raptors a lot more breathing room come 2018, which if all goes according to plan, should be quite the Free Agent class. Also, realistically that pick is going to be out of the lottery as the Raptors still look poised to be a good regular season team, so it’s not like the pick had lottery implications.

Then, mid Sunday, news broke that the Raptors were planning a sign-and-trade with the Indiana Pacers that would send Canadian Cory Joseph to the Pacers in return for CJ Miles.


While it’s sad to see Joseph go, the Raptors definitely got some help when it comes to 3 point scoring. Miles shot over 40% from beyond the arc last season, something that the Raptors could’ve desperately used in last years playoffs.

So all-in-all, this weekend ended up being a fairly big one for the Raps, they were able to dump arguably their biggest waste of space and were able to improve their outside scoring. After parting ways with both Terrence Ross and Patrick Paterson the Raps were in need of the latter. This may not have been the culture change I was expecting but with a JV trade looming, the Raptors are at least trying to move into the right direction.


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