If You Didn’t Attend University, You Know Nothing About Food (No Offense)

First off, I’d like to start this article by saying I have zero clue who the hell David Brooks’ is. But if I’ve gathered anything from twitter, it seems like he’s quite the dillweed, once again, this is my first time hearing of him, but I’m just sayin’, what everybody’s tweetin’.

Secondly, I should preface this blog by saying that I attended University, in fact, I was so good at University, that I will be taking my talents to Timbuktu this fall, as I am in the process of becoming a teacher. Because if there’s anyone who should be molding the youth, it’s a blogger. How else are kids gonna grow up with the hottest and most correct takes? Teachers didn’t turn me into the man I am today, television and the internet did but like always, I digress.

Now, I can understand where David Brook’s is coming from. I can’t tell you how much of a chore it is to hang out with someone who never attended post-secondary education. They always think their smarter then you, thinking that you’re just a cog in the machine, a slave to the system, all the while you’re getting your BA and they’re what? Working? Where’s the theory in that? And when it comes to food those who have and haven’t attended post-secondary most likely will never see eye to eye. How is someone whose never attended university suppose to know that $4 for a Delissio pizza is a steal? They wouldn’t, cause they’re use to buying things at full cost. Because the one universal thing Universities teach, is budgeting. For four years I had to decide what took precedence, Drugs & Alcohol or food, spoiler alert, it was usually the former, despite my current mass accumulation.

My only issue with Brook’s column is that any self respecting university student would never find themselves ‘othering’. Just because your stupid, uneducated, friend doesn’t understand the fine intricacies of artisanal sandwiches, doesn’t mean you have to publicly shame them. It’s clear from the post itself that the women Brooks’ was eating with, was already embarrassed enough not understanding such big words like “Pomodoro”. Luckily for the lady, Brooks’ was above mansplaining what all these different foods were and decided to take her somewhere where she was more comfortable. Once again though, Brooks’ loses me for a second. Any educated person would refrain from calling a restaurant ‘Mexican’, how do you know it’s heritage? If anything it’s a little presumptuous to assume all Latino food is Mexican, also Mexican isn’t a food but an ethnicity but beyond that, I see no qualms with what he wrote.


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