Another All-Star Game, Another Signer We Need To Draw & Quarter

For the second year in a row the Canadian national anthem has been sabotaged by a rogue Canadian singer and for the second year in a row, I’m demanding for somebody’s head. Look, I’m a reasonable man, I understand artistic liberties, I use them daily on the English language but the All-Star Game is no place for such liberties. You sing the song and you get the fuck off the field. No one cares about your political leanings or whether or not you think mentioning god in an anthem is silly. Just sing the fucking song and let the game commence. You’re not suppose to be the center of attention, the game is.

Luckily for Canadians everywhere, Justin Smoak was there to defend our liberties, giving this girl the most viscous of death stares.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, this photo is 1000 fuck you’s directed at Jocelyn Alice and I for one could not get enough of it.

I’m sick and tired of the Canadian national anthem being a talking point when it comes to the MLB All-Star game, this doesn’t happen in any other sport. I don’t know if we have to go back to a pre-recorded version, but it’s starting to look like that, because we got a bunch of renegade canucks thinking the All-Star game is all about them and not, you know, the game.

And, just like the tenors, you better believe Jocelyn Alice has made my enemies list.


H/T @BobSpeers & Sportsnet


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