Antarctica Better Start Pulling It’s Weight If It Wants To Continue To Be A Continent.

Let me preface this by saying, I think Antarctica is overrated as shit. How can you be a continent but not even have people live on you. I’m not a geologist but it seems like a load of malarkey if you ask me. I mean, why is Pluto no longer a planet, while Antarctica has been able to coast by, collecting the benefits that come with being a continent? Doesn’t seem fair really, if anything, I’d argue Pluto is more planet then Antarctica is continent but once again, I am neither a geologist, nor an astronomer. I’m just a guy with a blog and the most correct takes on the internet. That’s it.

Now look, I know a lot of people out there, are going to blame this giant iceberg breaking off of Antarctica on Global Warming and people. Well, I’d like to respectfully disagree. Global Warming has become common place among’st the world. And, the last time I checked, pieces of North America weren’t breaking off because the temperature went up a degree. The reason for this iceberg breaking off, isn’t Global Warming but a lack of conviction on Antarctica’s part. This isn’t the first time the World has had a continent that decided to just give up and if Antarctica wants to go the way of Pangaea then so be it. That’s its choice, not ours.

Not to mention, if Antarctica is such a great continent then why didn’t it help us fight the Nazis? People forget that both World Wars didn’t actually involve the whole world, just 6/7th’s of it. Also, isn’t it a little hypocritical to get angry at white people for racism but then cry when a piece of Antarctica breaks off. Name me one person of colour whose ever come from Antarctica… Exactly.


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