There’s Something Inherently Beautiful About Donald Trump Jr. Retweeting Bill O’Reilly

Screenshot 2017-07-11 22.17.09

You know, I thought the dumbest possible thing that Donald Trump Jr. could tweet out would be a series of emails implicating him with Russian nationals, after continuously denying such a fact, but then he goes ahead and does something like this AND TOTALLY REDEEMS HIMSELF!

I’m no PR person, but if I was currently embroiled in the shitstorm that Trump Jr. is, the last thing I’d want to do is retweet a guy who was recently fired from Fox News for multiple sexual assault & harassment allegations. But then again, sometime a name is just to big to not smash that retweet button.

I guess now we can only hope that Bill Cosby comes out firing in defense of Trump. Couldn’t imagine the mental pretzel that would put him in. “On one hand, he raped 50 women, on the other hand, he is defending me….ah fuck it RETWEET”.


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