BREAKING:Football Player Gets Into Fight At Bar

O M G. You’re telling me, a guy who gets paid to literally run people over or at best, break a few ankles got into a fight in a bar? I for one am shocked. What’s next? A player getting arrested for manslaughter or sexually assaulting multiple women in bars? What am I suppose to tell my 20 year old son? That some athletes are actually…bad.

This is exactly what’s wrong with this new generation. They show no regard when it comes to protecting the shield. When Ray Lewis murdered that guy did he post an instagram selfie? No, like every good criminal he got a statue built for him. Or, how about Lawrence Taylor, when he did all that cocaine and maybe, definitely, raped a few women, did he hold a press conference? No, he kept his head down, did more cocaine and got a shit load of sacks. And then, not to be outdone, I’ve never seen a more humble person who killed a couple with a machete, then OJ. I’d give it a few years before he has his own reality show or at least a brief stint on Maury to finally put and end to the age old question, is Khloe Kardashian actually OJ’s kid.

Side Note: Am I the only one who thinks Khloe Kardashian would make a great LFL player, deceptive speed, been hitting the gym latetly. She would be a great pickup at TE/MLB.


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