In A Turn of Events, It Turns Out R Kelly Is In Fact, A Bad Guy

Who would’ve thunk that a guy whose possibly more famous for peeing on 16 year olds, then his own songs, would be running an illegal sex ring. Now, I never like to condone creating some form of a sex cult but it’s nice to see a rapper diversifying his portfolio. For all we know, this is all Jay-Z fault. 4:44 was all about creating black owned business and now R. Kelly is persecuted for just that. Seems a little hypocritical on the media’s part.

Now, like every story, there’s always a second side. Sure the parents of the women are saying that R.Kelly has locked them away in his sex dungeon. But we’ve yet to hear Kelly’s point of view. Maybe this is all part of an elaborate marketing scheme for his latest album. If Beyonce can release an album disclosing Jay-Z’s infidelity, why can’t R-Kelly make an album about having a sex cult.

Kind of ironic that people are mad at R. Kelly, yet everyone thought ‘Room’ should’ve won best picture.


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