Quebec Continues To Be Canada’s Biggest Embarrassment After Denying Muslims Their Own Cemetery

Are you fucking kidding me? My great-grandfather didn’t run away from Wales and illegally enter Canada, just to have these racist fucks decide who can who can’t have their own cemetery. I’m pretty sure if we’re OK with giving those child diddling Catholics their own cemetery, the least we could do is give the Muslims one. This isn’t the first time New Orleans junior did something racist that involved Muslims. Just a few years ago some girl was told she couldn’t play soccer for wearing a hijab


Now, in Quebec’s defense how were they to know whether or not the hijab was giving her super soccer skills. I’ve never worn a hijab and I do suck at soccer, so she might’ve been onto something there.

God what I would’ve given to be a fly on that wall as they came to this decision, like, imagine being from Quebec, a province that always claims it’s being persecuted by English speaking Canadians only to tell a whole fucking religion where they can and can’t bury someone. Fucking ludicrous.

I mean, if you hate Muslims THAT much, why would you want them to be buried in the same cemetery as good god fearing catholic. Lot of holes in this totally political and not racist plant.

P.S. Say what you want about Trump but he’s never said that Muslims couldn’t have their own cemetery. He just bombs the shit out of their homes, giving them the opportunity to be buried in their own homes. Pretty thoughtful if you ask me.


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