The Similarities Between The Carolina Panthers And The Third Reich Are A Little Troublesome

It’s no secret Cam Newton lacks;heart,conviction and most importantly, gumption. If you need any proof, just re-watch the Super Bowl where he refused to dive on a fumble of his own doing and then preceded to sulk and pout after losing on the worlds biggest stage. When the Nazis lost World War 2, did they give half ass’d answer at the Nuremberg Trials? No, and just like the conclusion of the Nuremberg Trials, the Panthers are hanging by a thread. All because their leader cares more about flashy clothes and being the center of attention, like a certain dictator who just so happened to be in charge of the Third Reich.

I bring this all up, as it’s been announced that the Panthers have now parted ways with long time GM Dave GettlemanpanthersAnd while I have no immediate proof that this was Newton’s doing, I think any rational human could see the writing on the wall. Despite reports that blame Jerry Richardson, which wouldn’t be the first time a Jerry’s been blamed for something he didn’t do. This all supposedly stems from the fact that Dave Gettleman let Josh Norman walk, significantly impacting their defense. And just like the Germans, they underestimated how important defending Norman(dy) actually was.

So what does that leave the Panthers with? A leader who’d rather wear Hugo Boss then wranglers and a coach whose an even worse gambler then Rommel in France.



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