Did Derek Carr Just Become My 2nd Favourite QB?

I don’t usually condone liking players from other teams or just plain liking other teams in general. I’m from the firm belief that if you like 2 teams, you don’t really like 1. Can’t be calling yourself a die-hard Colts fan and then start cheering for the Raiders the second your QB starts breaking down on you.

That being said, if there’s one way to win me over, it’s by bringing back NCAA video games. I think I’ve said it before in one of my blogs, that I fucking loved those games and I’ll always regret passing on the last one, thinking that there’d be another. There was nothing like choosing a program like Purdue or North Texas and turning them into a perennial powerhouse, or playing Road To Glory and going from the high school playoffs, to forcing a fumble as MLB in the Rose Bowl. To put it frankly those games were the fucking best.

Honestly, if Trump found a way to bring back the NCAA video game series, he’d have an approval rating that would put George Washington to shame.

So, if Derek Carr wants to be the spokesperson for getting NCAA games back then, I will wholeheartedly support him. Plus, it’s the least I could do for all those wins his brother gave the Colts during his tenure as the Texans QB.

Also, not gonna lie I pretty much just wrote this blog to reminisce about NCAA video games and point out that it’s been over a decade since arguably the greatest football game ever came out, NFL 2k5.


R.I.P In Peace, Sweet Prince.


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