Robot Suicide Is A Sad And Very Real Thing

We’ve made a lot of strides when it comes to mental illness, we’ve gone from executing guys because they had shell shock, to having days dedicated to bring awareness to a serious issues that plagues millions of people. But what we’ve forgotten is that people aren’t the only ones who feel emotions anymore. Every day robots become more and more human like, they’ve become sentient, they’re better at sex then we are and now, just like humans, they’ve begun to commit suicide.

Not much is known about this robot and why he decided to take his own life. Was he having financial troubles, marital issues or maybe just suffered from depression but what we do know is that he was a security guard. You never like to see someone take their own life but it’s especially sad when it’s someone who day in and day out looked out for the regular Joe.

I’m honestly surprised more robots don’t just off themselves. I can’t imagine some of the knowledge they posses. All our porn searches, every horrible comment ever written on the internet and the self loathing-ness of it’s creator. Not to mention, all the while possessing all this information, he was forced to take up a job as a mall security guard. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want our robots reenacting the plot to Paul Blart, I want my robots to be detonating explosive devices or making funny quips a’la KS2O from ‘Rogue One’.

So, while this little R2D2 wannabe might’ve lacked a heart, that didn’t mean he couldn’t feel.

Obi-Wan said it best “When humans  design machines with quasi-personalities, they never realize how very much that implies.



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