We Got Ourselves A Big Ole Dick Iceberg Off The Coast of Newfoundland

Credit where credit’s due, that’s a pretty solid looking dick. Any and every guy knows about the perils of shrinkage in cold water. Heck, just this weekend I had to do the naked mile into a lake only to come out feeling as inadequate as ever. So, congrats to this Iceberg for being able to have this good of a dick-day, in cold water.

I love that the guy who took the photo said “it’s a guy thing”. I don’t know what it is about dick looking objects but dudes fucking love em. You show a guy a picture of something that looks like a dick and he’ll be laughing for the rest of the day. We’re a simple species that way. Why do you think all those animators kept hiding dicks in Disney movies?

Kind of a bad look for scientists if we’re being honest. You can’t tell me that global warming is wiping out our icecaps only for an iceberg to shove it’s giant dick in all our faces.

P.S. Hey Barry, chill out dude. It’s 2016, no need to shame an Iceberg for packing more heat then you.




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