I’m Offended That This Canadian Born Senator Had To Resign In Australia

Soooo… The country that was founded by criminals and lost a war to a bunch of emu’s think’s it’s better then us eh? Well fuck you pal!

This all stems from some century old law that was put in place to stop foreign intervention but despite it’s best intentions, it’s blatantly racist. You can’t bar someone from public office just because of where they were born. As a leader? Sure. But, a senator? Even the U.S. thinks that’s a little far.

It’s not even like this lady lived the majority of her life in Canada and only traveled across the world to steal some Australian’s job. She just happened to be born in Canada and lived there for the first six months of her life. I think we can all agree that judging someone by their six-month old self is a little ridiculous. If that were the case, I’d be getting bullied left and right for shitting myself and not being able to walk. It’s also a little rude to just throw this on someone, what if she had been adopted, was the Australian government gonna break that news to her as well?

Not to mention, I thought all us dominion countries had some sort of agreement put in place, that was cool with shit like this. If it hadn’t been for my ancestors clean records and horrible decision making skills, maybe I’d be a luscious golden brown Australian surfer bro. Instead of a pasty white Canadian.

If I’m Justin Trudeau, I’m granting this lady and her family immediate asylum and putting her in my cabinet. If you don’t want her, we’ll take her, we could use a little diversity in the senate.

It’s also clear that this lady is gritty as fuck. Just breastfeeding her baby in the middle of parliament without a care in the world. That shows authority, guys might like boobs but we’re still thrown off by breastfeeding.

You know, now, that I think about it, I’m starting to think Australia is just filled with a bunch of Betas and is scared of Alphas like Larissa Waters.



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