The Houston Rockets Might Sell For $2.5 Billion Dollars And It’s All Thanks To This Guy


That’s right, the man helping the NBA flourish is notorious racist-grandpa and former Clippers owner, Donald Sterling. You may remember him as the guy who told his mistress not to bring the black guys that she was banging to Clippers games. While I remember him as the guy who revolutionized the NBA, as he was the first owner to sell his team for over a billion dollars back in 2014 to Steve Ballmer. The Clippers would go for $2 Billion, marking the second highest a North American sports team has sold for (only being outdone by the 2012 sale of the LA Dodgers).

Had the NBA taken it’s time in dealing with the Sterling Scandal, the Clippers might’ve sold for just a billion but thanks to them trying to rid themselves of Sterling’s stink as fast as possible, they allowed for him to sell at a WAY higher price then originally estimated. So, while Donald Sterling did all he could to tarnish race relations, he also helped out the NBA immensely, raising the price for what future teams would be sold at.

Do I think David Stern had the NBA pay Donald Sterling a small stipulation a’la Bobby Bonino & the Mets? Perhaps, I mean, we are talking about the same man whose possibly rigged multiple NBA draft lotteries.


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