The Jacksonville Jaguars Continue To Dominate The Off-Season As Dante Fowler Has Been Charged With Battery

Every year the Jacksonville Jaguars seem to be deemed the winners of the NFL off-season or at least the NFL draft and every year it seems to implode beautifully. At this point, you can pretty much set your watch to a mid-July/August story that either involves a Jag being arrested (Justin Blackmon, Dante Fowler) or have their first round pick go down in training camp with a season-ending injury (Jalen Ramsey, Dante Fowler again).

All we need now is for Leonard Fournette to tear a meniscus and we got ourselves a Jaguars ‘Bingo’.

The sad thing is, even with the Jags continuous fuck-ups, they still continue to give the Colts trouble because that’s how bad management’s gotten. You know your team has fallen from greatness when you get excited about a Jacksonville Jaguar fucking up. We’re suppose to have been in the Super Bowl by now and all I can do is laugh at the Jaguars cavalcade of sadness.

Also, I really miss football season 😦


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