Aaron Sanchez Needs To Cut Off His Finger. My Column,,,,

sanchez 2

For the fourth time this season, Aaron Sanchez is making his way to the disabled list due to a continuing blister issue in his throwing hand and it’s time for me to say, enough is enough. While I appreciate Sanchez putting the betterment of the team above personal accomplishments. The Jays at this point just can’t afford to have him spending most his days on the DL. The Jays are very close to this season being over and we haven’t even hit August yet.

This is why I’m suggesting that if Aaron Sanchez truly is a team player, he will cut off the finger that continues to give him issues. Blisters are a bitch, I get it, one time at Playdium, I got a blood-blister from air-hockey and honestly, I would’ve chosen death over dealing with that thing for the 3 weeks that I did.

It doesn’t matter that this is Sanchez’s throwing arm, he’s a professional athlete, if he can’t adapt, then he doesn’t have the heart to play. You don’t even need 5 fingers to pitch, I’ve never been a pitcher but I gotta assume having 4 fingers could give you some wild spin on the ball and could give Sanchez a repertoire that the MLB has never seen. If Jim Abbott can throw a no-hitter with one arm, then there’s no reason Sanchez can’t be a 15 game winner with 4 fingers.

P.S. If I’m the Jays, I’m bringing in Ronnie Lott to scare Sanchez straight. Show him that if he doesn’t cut off his finger, he’ll never be a HOFer.


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