Chris Froome Has Claimed His Fourth Tour De France Title

The biggest sports story of the weekend as British cyclist Chris Froome notched his fourth, that’s right fourth, Tour De France. Froome now sits solely in second place for all-time wins at the The Tour De France. Froome has as well won the Tour De France 3 times in a row, the first to do so since Lance Armstrong. Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking, this seems fishy but lets all remember that Lance Armstrong had his wins struck do to supporting science in a catholic country and peddling illicit U.S. postal service ads. Sorry Lance but if I wanted to have my athletes covered in government propaganda, I’d move to Soviet Russia.

So now the question must be asked. Is Froome the new face of cycling? He already has the last name for it. If there aren’t shirts on the market saying “Froom Froom” then Chris needs to fire his manager and hire me.

Like any great sport, in order for its survival, they need to a new star to market. Wanna know why the MLB is dying? It’s because they’d rather put Ken Griffey Jr. on the cover of the Show over guys like Mike Trout who may go down as the greatest player of all-time. Luckily for cycling, I believe Froome is their man.

First off, he’s British. You want your cyclists to be European but not TOO European. The day I route for a French-y or Spaniard, is the day I actually watch the Tour, just disgusting. He was born in Kenya, which I gotta assume makes for a great story or means he has a troubling family history, either or, great tabloid fodder.

So, am I willing to declared Chris Froome the new face of cycling? Yes, yes, I am.

P.S. It’s a good thing know one cheats in Cycling anymore or I could end up with a lot of egg on my face.



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