France Is Angry With ‘Dunkirk’ Because It Overlooked Their Role

The French were at Dunkirk? Well I’d hope so seeing as the beach is located in FUCKING FRANCE! Hey France, maybe you would’ve had a bigger role in the movie had you not keeled over to the Nazis 6 weeks into their invasion. Maybe if your supposed impregnable defensive wall the ‘Maginot Line’ had actually worked. We wouldn’t of even of had to save hundreds of thousands of troops from this godforsaken French beach.

Now to be fair, I still haven’t seen Dunkirk, I’m suppose to be seeing it tomorrow, but from what I’ve heard, it’s supposedly “amazing”. The movie is also under two hours which gives it very little opportunity to expand on all parties involved. The Canadians were a major player at Dunkirk but I doubt we’ll get any recognition but we won’t complain cause unlike the French, Canadian’s clearly understand time constraints.

The French have a lot of balls to complain about this lack of acknowledgment, it’s a shame it took them this long to grow a pair, seeing as if they’d had these back in the early days of WW2, maybe the war would’ve gone shorter then the 6 years it took to finish. Maybe, instead of forming a Vichy government, the French could’ve held an active resistance, instead of waiting for the tides to turn and then start performing.

If there’s any country that should be angry about historical inaccuracies, it’s Canada and the movie ‘Argo’ at least there, they completely fabricated the whole escape plot. Anyone who knows anything about the hostage crisis knows it was the Canadians not the Americans who were able to get the hostages out, yet that movie made it seem like we sat there with our thumbs up our asses. So sorry France, if I lack the sympathy for you being written out of a movie that is pretty much all your vault. Maybe if you guys weren’t such cunts at the signing of the Treaty of Versaille, the whole mess known as World War 2 could’ve been avoided.


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