I Think Jordan Spieth Is My New Favourite Golfer?

I’d like to start this off by saying, that I usually have a hard time rooting for golfers who aren’t black. There was something inherently beautiful knowing that every time Tiger won a major, 1-5 old white guys had a heart attack. I also tend to hate athletes who are around the same age as me. I find it to be a form of arrogance, showing off-ness and worst of all, makes my family question what I’m doing with my life.

I’ve liked Rickie Fowler but that’s cause I’m a sucker for bright colours. You want to catch my attention, start peacock-ing around. I may not like the Chargers but goddamn are those powder blue Jerseys beautiful or on the collegiate level, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bet on Baylor or Oregon because of their sweet ass uniforms. To put it simply, I’m a stupid person who can be swayed by bright colours.

I’ve also like John Daly but that’s because if he were black, he’d be every golf purists nightmare. He’s permanently drunk, he rips heaters on the golf course and I’m pretty sure had he not been good at golf, he would’ve just become a regular at some dive bar.

So after winning this years Open and being one PGA Championship away from completing the career Grand-Slam, I find myself asking, am I a Jordan Spieth fan?

It’s no secret that Spieth is lacking in the hair department. Every time he takes off his hat he reminds the world that he suffers from early onset male pattern baldness. A disease that does not get the attention it truly deserves. Every day, guys like me and Spieth are forced to wear to hats or else feel the shame of lacking the proper amount of hair follicles. This makes him a sympathetic figure in my eyes. He knows that no matter how much success he achieves in life, his hair or lack there of, will always be a point of contention.

Then after winning, he gave a guy the classic nut tap

spieth 3

Like I said before, I have a small brain and when I see athletes doing things that me and my buddies would do, I instantly start to like them. Nothing wrong with a little harmless nut tap, especially after you won the Open. If anything, the guy who just got his nuts fondled by the next possible Tiger Woods should feel honored. While Tiger was out grabbing Denny’s waitress by the Kouch, Spieth’s out here touching his constituents. A real man of the people, if you will.

And lastly, he has that ability to implode in SPECTACULAR fashion, like my favourite athlete of all-time Peyton Manning. I didn’t actually watch the Open but if Twitter told me anything, it’s that Spieth almost had another epic meltdown, only to save himself with the few final holes. I need that in my athlete, I want him to be great but I also need to have impending doom on the back of my mind to keep things spicy and Jordan Spieth does just that.

So I guess to answer my own question, yes, Jordan Spieth is now my favourite golfer. (that shouldn’t hurt his future in anyway.)


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