American Hero John McCain, Takes Time Out of Dying To Help Repeal Obamacare

Oh John McCain, you Maverick you. Taking the time out of your cancer treatment to ensure that millions of Americans will soon be uninsured. After 17 years of terror (the president’s words, not mine) Obamacare has finally been put forward for repeal thanks to the brave men and women of the Republican party and more importantly John McCain. You may remember John McCain as the guy who said that Donald Trump was bad for american democracy and that he’d keep him in check. I remember him as the asshole who did none of that but gets treated like a hero cause he served in Vietnam. Here’s the thing, John McCain isn’t a fucking hero. Don’t take my word for it, take the word of the current president who more or less called McCain a pussy for being shot down and becoming a POW.

Had McCain voted in favour of Obamacare or abstained from voting, he would’ve put the ball in Bitch McConnell’s court but thanks to the Maverick and his gaggle of pussies (looking at you Rand Paul), soon millions of American’s will find themselves uninsured, as the constitution intended.

Obamacare belittled the core of American democracy. For the first time in history, the poorest of the poor received health care benefits, suckling off the tit of the government. While hardworking Americans like those in the Senate had to receive only 70% better healthcare then those on Medicaid.

Seriously does no one think taking away healthcare is…. evil? It was one thing when people didn’t have it and you supported “the free market” which we all know was just thinly veiled racism but to actually take it away from people? That’s fucked up. Repealing Obamacare will kill more Americans then any Soviet or Viet Kong ever did. Yet American voters are acting like it’s the enemy all because their too fucking stupid to open up a textbook and would rather follow the way of a bunch of bible thumpers.



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