Big Week For My Family Continues, As My Dad’s Childhood Orthodontist Was Arrested For Having Child Pornography

What a week for my family. First, we got my doppelganger running around Switzerland, cutting people up like a real life Leatherface and now my dad’s childhood orthodontist is being arrested for having a bunch of child pornography. According to my dad there were only 2 orthodontists in the city at the time and it was between this guy and some other guy who was supposedly “bad with kids”. Proving once again, that it’s better to be bad with kids, then good with em.

Now, I know it’s never a good thing to victim blame but COME ON. This guy’s face SCREAMS “I have an extensive child porn collection”. Like I’m sorry, but if my grandma couldn’t tell that this guy was a perv, then that’s as much on her, as it on his him. I mean who the hell leaves their child alone with a guy who looks like this? I sure wouldn’t. I don’t care if my kid needed braces, I’m not letting this pervert looking motherfucker stick his hands into my kid’s mouths.

This is why I love when old people will say that it was way safer back in the day. Oh, you mean when priests and dentists were diddling kids left and right and everyone just turned a blind eye? Oh how I loooooooooong for those days again.




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