Donald Trump Absolutely Nailed The Boy Scouts Jamboree Last Night

A lot of news outlets are saying that Trump bombed at the Boy Scouts Jamboree. That all he did was ramble on and break an 80 year precedent, of the President using the Jamboree as a bi-partisan event. Instead saying he turned it into an attack on democrats, but leave it to the mainstream media to get it completely wrong. Donald Trump absolutely rocked the event, if he hadn’t, why would we be talking about it? You think those scouts care about some bi-partisan, cookie cutter speech? Hell nah, they want to be entertained and entertained they were.

Trump was like your favourite band, playing all the hits. He went after fake news, denied his Russian involvement, dropped a few crooked Hillary references. Because this is the audience Donald Trump thrives in. One in which, he can use childish nicknames to belittle political opponents or start salacious rumors about an opponent’s father possibly being involved with the assassination of JFK. Trump has been using middle-school election moves from the get-go, he just never had the proper audience. For the last year Trump has had to focus on people old enough to vote, now, he can focus on the future.

He even got the Boy Scouts to boo, former President and former Boy Scout Barack Obama

speech 2

Even though, Trump himself was never a part of the Boy Scouts. This is what makes Trump so magical, he can go to a Boy Scouts rally and shit on a former Scout and get applauded. He can go to a veterans event, call McCain a pussy for being a POW, all the while Trump never joined the Boy Scouts and used his father to dodge the Vietnam war. Yet, he still somehow comes out as a beacon of Americana. People like to compare Trump to Hitler and there’s never been a closer comparison from what happened last night. An eccentric leader, leading cheers from a bunch of young brown shirts but at least Hitler fought in World War 1 and even won the Iron cross. Donald Trump’s just a guy who inherited a multi-million dollar real-estate company.

And Trump didn’t stop there, oh no,no,no. He talked about what every single one of those Boy Scouts wanted to hear about, that’s right, I’m talking sex.


Leave it to Donald Trump, to turn the Boy Scouts Jamboree into a story about one of his friend’s yacht orgies. Say what you want about Trump but don’t say he’s predictable. You think Hillary would’ve gone up there and talked about Orgies? Fuck no! She probably would’ve talked about bettering your community and a bunch of lame ass shit like that. And now that I think about it, would’ve Hillary of even been able to attend such a Jamboree, I realize it’s 2016 but they’re called the Boy Scouts and I don’t want some person indoctrinating them with their personal beliefs. Especially, if that person is a girl (no offense).

Now, like I said, a lot of people weren’t happy with the comments The Donald made at the Jamboree, stating things like this:

scout 2scout

If you still pride yourself on being a Boy Scout, then that’s evidence enough for me to know that you should be locked away. The Boy Scouts are for nerds and pedophiles. I attended one meeting when I was a young kid and when I saw I had to wear a tie for “fun” I was like “peace out nerds, have fun making fire as I go play Mario-Kart like a real kid”. So if anything, Trump was just belittling one of America’s most shameful past-times. So Neil Armstrong was a Boy Scout, he also highlights what’s wrong with America, cause while good ole Neil was flying up to the moon, black people were being hosed like a California wild fire. So fuck the Boy Scouts and fuck your fake “institutions”.

P.S. Hard to argue with this point right here.




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