Hard To Argue With Lamar Smith’s Reasoning On Melting Ice Caps

OF COURSE! It’s all so simple. When ice melts, it creates more water THUS, ships will have more water sail over. Thank you Mr. Smith, if weren’t for you and your friends in the House Science Committee, I don’t think we would’ve ever solved this riddle.

I guess this helps explain why there are so many planes in the sky compared to the past. As more of the ozone-layer begins to deplete, more space is created for planes to fly through. Science is fun!

I do have a complaint though, doesn’t Mr. Smith admitting to the fact that ice can melt undermine the President. We can’t have a President whose tweeting about how global warming is a liberal-cuck creation only for Lamar Smith to tell us that ice can in fact melt. Very counter-intuitive. We need a Washington that’s firing on all the same cylinders. Like how John McCain was able to roll out of his deathbed in order to pull the plug on a couple million Americans in order to make sure Trump’s phone never runs out of batteries. People forget that you need to charge your phone after a flurry of tweets and a few long-distant calls with your pal Putin


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