Justin Trudeau Graces The Cover of Rolling Stone, Let’s See How Trump Responds…


Fucking nailed it. If there was one issue plaguing the United States, it was transgendered people in the military. For too long, transgendered people have believed they had the same right as us to die for their country. Well not anymore! Trump and his team of military experts crunched the numbers and realized that transgendered people would be too big of a burden when it comes to medical costs. This follows a historical tradition of the military being on the precipice of medical innovation.

Trump once again used twitter to announce a monumental decision, which has to be great for their stock price. Funny how the media never talks about how great Trump has been for people who own stock in twitter.

Now that Trump and his military team have gotten to the bottom of this issue, they can focus on the plan ahead, keeping a tight military budget.


Honestly though, credit where credit’s due, Trump sure knows how to make an announcement. Most Presidents would make this announcement in front of the White House but not Trump, he announced it like he was announcing the winner of a reality show. Just, instead of giving someone something, he’s taking rights away. Kind of like if Jim Crow was a game show. Then, the fact that he was somehow able to do something even more shameful then yesterday’s Obamacare repeal is a real talent. Not everyone could be that shitty of a person but Donald Trump can.

I mean, I didn’t vote for Trudeau and I don’t think he’s done a great job, mainly cause he hasn’t stuck to his promises, but like I said, I didn’t vote for him and him not sticking to his promises ends up being what I voted for more or less. So, in a paradoxical way, Trudeau is doing a great job if you’re a conservative? But what’s the biggest complaint right now when it comes to Trudeau, legal weed (?) rising house prices? I’ll take those issues over a leader who actively discriminates against others and thinks that both free-market health care will actually work and that global warming is a thing of fiction. Fucking idiot.


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